Life Capital

Life Capital Videoconference

On Wednesday, April 29th from 12:00PM - 2:00PM PT, Slow Ventures and Brex will host the third Life Capital Conference for free and completely virtually via videoconference.

Similiar to our last two events, this convening will serve as an opportunity to discuss personal financing options, especially as they pertain to education. We think this is a more important time than ever to talk through the path forward for educational options & the ISA space.

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Conference Agenda

12:00pm PST - Intro to Life Capital Why are we here and what to expect?

Sam Lessin (Partner, Slow Ventures & CEO, Fin Analytics)

12:05pm PST - Impact of COVID-19 on the ISA Space A pulse check on where we are today & what some of the challenges will be for continued growth for ISAs in the post-COVID-19 environment. Who are the key stakeholders in the ISA space today? How are each of them impacted by the current climate?

Tess Michels (Cofounder & CEO, Stride Funding)
Kate Cody (Chief of Staff, Vemo Education)
Charlie Olson (Cofounder & CEO, Pando Pooling)
Jacob Haar (Managing Partner, Community Investment Management)
Sam Lessin (Partner, Slow Ventures & CEO, Fin Analytics) Moderator

12:30pm PST - Incorporating Employers and The Broader Workforce: Up until now ISAs have mostly been extended to people with formal education or “white-collar” job experience. What are some of the other contexts where it makes sense to pair ISA contracts with formal job training? How should we be thinking about pairing ISAs with pre-professional programs?

Michael Horn (Cofounder, Christensen Institute)
Emily Wattman-Turner (Cofounder & Chief Growth Officer, Kenzie Academy)
Tom Ogletree (Sr. Director of Social Impact & External Affairs, General Assembly)
Daniel Pianko (Managing Director, Achieve Partners) Moderator

12:55pm PST - 5 Minute Break

1:00pm PST - Online Learning & Scaling: The impact of ISAs is dependent on the ability to meaningfully extend learning opportunities to as many people as possible - and reaching the masses can happen through online delivery. Is this truly effective? How can we support how people learn online in order to create programs that work across disciplines and communities?

Austen Allred (Cofounder & CEO, Lambda School)
Matthew Sanders (SVP, Western Governors University)
Jason Cavnar (Founder, Workit)
Will Quist (Partner, Slow Ventures) Moderator

1:25pm PST - Policy Needs in the ISA Space: As the nascent ISA space becomes more mainstream in practice, it is imperative to construct a policy framework that protects consumers and ensures the integrity of the category. Who is involved in shaping ISA policy at the state and federal levels? Who should establish the legal and regulatory framework for ISAs? And, what are the challenges to mass adoption of this innovative finance tool?

Alison Griffin (SVP, Whiteboard Advisors)
Ethan Pollack (Policy Director, Aspen Institute)
Katherine Lee Carey (Special Counsel, Cooley)
David Soo (Chief of Staff, Jobs for the Future) Moderator

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