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On Thursday, September 19th from 12:30PM - 5:00PM ET, Slow Ventures, Bipartisan Policy Center, Christensen Institute, Omidyar Network, The Information, Vemo Education, and Whiteboard Advisors will host the second Life Capital Conference in Washington D.C. at the Gallup Center. Similiar to our last event (see content above), this convening will serve as an opportunity to discuss personal financing options, especially as they pertain to education.

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Provisional Agenda

First Session: The Big Picture

1:00PM - Introduction: A big picture on ISAs, why we are here, and what to expect from the day’s agenda.

Will Quist (Slow Ventures)

1:15PM - The Current State of ISAs: A brief history of ISAs, what exactly are ISAs, and where are they currently being implemented?

Mary Claire Cartwright (Purdue Research Foundation)
Richard Price (Christensen Institute)
Sacha Litman (Boston Consulting Group)
Shanaz Chowdhery (Vemo Education)

1:40PM - Results-based Financing and Skills-based training: The rise of alternative options for financing education has also led to the popularization of vocational schools. What are the benefits of traditional higher ed vs. vocational schools and how will this new “choice” impact students and universities?

Ethan Pollack (Aspen Future of Work Initiative)
Jukay Hsu (
Yannis Peyret (Holberton School)

2:05PM - Public-private partnerships and the future of the workforce: The rapidly changing nature of work and the need for a results-based form of workforce development has led stakeholders to implement and consider ISA programs for workforce development. How can the public and private sector come together to consider how to utilize ISAs to upskill more Americans?

Andrea Guendelman (Wallbreakers)
Brooke Valle (San Diego Workforce Partnership)
Jake Edwards (Social Finance)

2:30PM - Thoughtful and responsible innovation: How can schools and stakeholders be the most thoughtful when considering ISAs? What are the policy and consumer protection considerations that ought to be top of mind?

Ashley Harrington (Center for Responsible Lending)
Kenneth Megan (Bipartisan Policy Center)
Kumar Garg (Schmidt Futures)
Terri Taylor (Lumina Foundation)

Second Session: A closer look

3:20PM - Fireside Chat: The ISA Student Protection Act of 2019

Senator Todd Young
The Hon. Luke Messer

3:40PM - A reflection on the ISA Student Protection Act of 2019: What are the potential implications of the ISA Student Protection Act on students, educational programs, the workforce and investors? How is this proposed bill different from what we have seen in the past and how might we prepare for it?

Aanand Radia (University Ventures)
Alison Griffin (Whiteboard Advisors)
Kristen Sharp (Entangled)

4:05PM - The Stakeholders: Why are ISAs an attractive investment for investors and what are the different levers that can increase or decrease their appeal? Looking forward, how might impact investors shape how ISAs are viewed as an instrument for financing education?

Andrea Kaufman (Prudential)
Jacob Haar (Community Investment Management)
Will Quist (Slow Ventures)

4:30PM - The Accompanying Services: What technologies, services, and companies do not exist today but should or will exist in the future and impact personal finance and/or income share? Will policy realistically play any role in determining what does or does not end up being built?

Alex Marcus (Slow Ventures)
Charlie Olson (Pando Pooling)
Tess Michaels (AlmaPact)
Tonio DeSorrento (Vemo Education)

4:55PM - The Next Steps: What are the action items for the next 30 years needed to make ISAs more widely adopted? What can we start doing tomorrow vs. 6 months from now vs. 5 years from now?

Tom Ogletree (General Assembly)
Vinice Davis (Omidyar Network)

5:20PM - Closing remarks

Will Quist (Slow Ventures)


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